Babbie Mason Radio Live Interview! Friday May 25, 2018 2PM!

Live Interview on Babbie Mason Radio! Friday May 25, 2018!

CD Release Party

CD Release Party April 7, 2018 at 6:30PM! 3777 Troupe Smith Rd. Conyers, GA 30294

3777 Troupe Smith Rd. SE Conyers, GA 30094

Women's Day Event

March 9, 2019  Women's Day
 Travelers Rest Baptist Church
2112 Rex Road
Morrow, GA 30260

March 9, 2019

 Travelers Rest Baptist Church 

 2112 Rex Road Morrow, GA 30260

New EP "I Worship You" Released February 24, 2018

New EP "I Worship You," Released February 24, 2018

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Media mention

Babbie Mason Radio

Please celebrate with me as we launch into our first market, Babbie Mason Radio! This is an international radio station that will play my Single "Be High and Lifted Up," in heavy rotation. I am excited for my music to be played among some of the greatest gospel artist of our time! So please tune in starting June 5th to hear my music and  live interview with Gospel legend Babbie Mason! Thank you and God Bless!


Tune in to listen starting  Tuesday, June 5th at 5 AM, 9 AM, 5 PM, and 9 PM for Laronda's  Live interview!  

Laronda's play  times are as follows:

Monday - Friday 1:16 AM, 4:51 AM, 9:56 AM, 12:32 PM, 3:24 PM, 8:37 PM, 9:44 PM, 10:25 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Saturday: 1:16 AM,4:51 AM, 5:47 AM, 11:41 AM, 2:35 PM, 4:37 PM, 7:39 PM, 11:09 PM. 

Sunday: 1:16 AM, 4:51 AM, 5:47 AM, 10:16 AM, 1:48 AM, 3:20 PM, 7:45 PM, 8:11 PM

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